How to be the top buyer in the world!

■■To whom it may concern(SAKAGUCHI Takanori)■■


I remember as if it was yesterday that he said so and I almost cried.
He was the assistant manager of production control.

"Goods haven't been delivered !!" The assistant manager said to me.
"Oh, no. Not again.." I thought.
I filled out order forms without being available in time for delivery deadline and was pressed for delivery adjustment each and every day.
As a matter of course, I didn't set such a quick time of delivery.
Most of them were made to set as "emergence arrangements" by product control department or designee department, and these days like endless hell made me suffer.
Making me suffer is not only the delivery adjustment.

I hear a variety of information from suppliers and proposed many ideas of "cost reduction" in the design department. In some cases I even proposed a low-cost overseas supplier.
However, their responses were terrible.
"I'm not being able to use such cost reduction measures"
"I can't use such a supplier"
"Putting that aside, Negotiate with recommended suppliers to buy much cheaper."

And then I negotiated with salesmen. But it was almost impossible to success negotiations because they knew that I don't have a decision right.
Some people say that the work of procurement, purchasing and materials are easy but not for me.

Furthermore, co-workers and boss do not help me because a lot of work on there has to be done alone. If an item being out of production is ordered not by me but also designer, I am told "You must get it in one way or another." by the orderer. How unreasonable my work is.

It was inevitable that I think I can do nothing about my work at this rate.
However, my daily work attacks in waves to me.

"Buster! There is nothing in it again."
I got that kind of phone call and scrambled for calling supplier. And then, when I came back to my desk I saw a paper written " Recommended suppliers: ○○Corp, Target cost:\○,○○○".
The paper was purchase request form from the designer.

"I'm just not a deal maker!"
I screamed so within my mind.

However, it was not possible to change the reality by my only screamed.
In addition, it is the a few days later.
As always, I went to the factory of supplier in Tohoku to adjust delivery time.
I carried a manufactured goods which the supplier gave me in the deep of winter. My hands were frostbitten. Unfortunately, however, the guards didn't move at an important site.

"You're going there has been vain effort !"
When the staff was angered by me, I almost cried despite myself.
"I doubt I must do such a thing in this company?"
I can remember that I ask oneself a question about that many times.

I don't know how many times I had a notion to quit the company.
Of course, troubles in front of me come from one minute to the next.
Many times have gone but Reality has nothing but a stern.
The reality was cruel for this young guy. However, it gave me a chance to think my job at the same time.

Then I noticed the following things.
"I only moan and groan, nothing changes."
"If my complaining about my job makes that things change, I have to complain a million times."
"As soon as I I will show them by irresistible ability and knowledge not brood.

Exactly, I was accomplishing all alone The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution of procurement, purchasing and materials sector.

Therefore, I read a large number of books on procurement and purchasing relationship that exists both at home and abroad.
Of course, the majority were a lot of fun, but I have a feeling of strangeness, too.

I think the information of procurement, purchasing and materials of top caliber has the following three things.

・ Not only conveying information, but also being able to know as much about the reason of conveyer's acquiring, background and certainty.
・ The information is full of knowledge not written anywhere and nobody advised.
・ The information is able to make people on the line use right away and their job enjoyable in a short period of time.

A lot of Foreign books don't meet the above condition. Armchair plan is bad. But only experience of people on the line don't have broad utility.

I decided to "hypothesize" and "theorize" the common point of buyers who achieve great results at position of active buyers.

Why are these buyers excellent?
What does make an excellent buyer?
If I am able to imitate excellent buyer, what is it?

I was looking for a key to stand out from other buyers and to bring a big difference in the future.

As a result.......
It is neither just "passion"and "effort" nor "passion".
In addition, It is neither just "theory" nor"idea".
They mix all of them and assimilates a new way of thinking of different field. And then they put in practice different procurement, purchasing and materials without thinking.

Possibly, you have had an experience.
For example, buyers from the designer play an active role unexpectedly.
They use knowledges of different field from designer to do hybrid work at procurement, purchasing and materials field.
Alternatively, buyers from the legal department play an active role unexpectedly.....
It goes on and on. It is since we cannot discern under ordinary circumstances that the things is blind side.

And it is not difficult.
It is "the knowledge of one percent," which had the trivial power but to bring an about-face in the perspective of business.

"The knowledge of one percent" -.

For example,

・Do you know how to theoretically calculate the limit of supplier's price negotiations ?
・Do you know how to receive feedback from suppliers, use the feedback to procure and bring down costs ?
・Do you know why cost reduction doesn't bring in maximize the benefits of your company ?

It is the kind of "you know" or "you don't know". If you just know it, you can draw an auxiliary line at your job from today. It is a thing like that.

And I want to tell you the "knowing" is a lot of fun.
The media for it is,

"- The knowledge of 1% leads to impact on the work of 99% -
Theory of real procurement, purchasing, material "

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